Running with the Nokia Sports Tracker

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Reviews

The business mantra “measure so you can improve” applies equally well to running. There’s nothing like real-time feedback on your speed and distance to keep you focused. You’ll know day after day how many miles you’ve added and how many minutes you’ve shaved off of your previous pace. This instant gratification is a great morale booster that will keep you coming back for more.

In my case, I use the free Nokia Sports Tracker program installed on my Nokia 5800. I wear the phone on an armband I bought for just P200 at the St. Francis Square Mall (I had to sew the armband to make it fit exactly right on my thin arm). Since the screen is big and the text easy to read, I can quickly view my stats at a glance, without any need to slow down. Sports Tracker can be set to record average stats per lap/KM, alerting you with a beep every time you reach a milestone.

After each run, you can upload your workout to the Sports Tracker website. There you’ll be able to see your route overlaid on a map, along with your stats and any photos you may have taken with your phone during the run. You can also share it on Facebook and Twitter to let your running buddies comment on your progress.

Come and visit my profile here. Do you have a Nokia phone? Try to install the app today thru the Ovi Store. Similar apps are available for Android and the iPhone. If you’re using the Sports Tracker or any other tracking tool, please share your experience with it and how it has helped you get better.


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