The Marathon Weight Loss Dilemma

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Personal

No, these are not my feet.

This year, I have an ambitious goal of running 5 marathons. I say ambitious because I have yet to run my first and here I am contemplating a spot in the Milo Marathon Finals. This means I don’t just have to complete a marathon, I need to finish with a time less than 4:20 to qualify for my age bracket. To be fit enough to race that well I’d have to train hard and long week after week, burning thousands upon thousands of calories.

Here’s the problem: I am already too skinny. I barely manage to maintain an 18.5 BMI which is borderline normal. According to studies, any further dip will make me at risk of dying younger than the average person. Losing so many calories might leave me looking like skin and bones by December if I keep at it, especially because it has always been so difficult for me to gain weight. I’ve never been fat. My body only knows how to shift between thin and thinner.

This is making me think twice about running 42Ks. Sure, there’s glory and the feeling of accomplishment, but what if it brings me more harm than good? Maybe I’m better off sticking to half marathons and improving my time there. *sigh*

We’ll see. Right now I’m thinking, why settle for a compromise? You can have it all if you work hard at it. I need to focus on increasing my daily calorie intake, religiously log all my food consumption at DailyBurn, stop forgetting about my vitamins, drink 2-3 glasses of Enervon HP everyday, allow myself to indulge in sweets from time to time, and make sure I always get 8-10 hours of sleep. Got to work hard to fund all these food I have to consume. Good luck to me.

Do you have quick weight gain tips? Please feel free to share.


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