Training for My First Marathon, Week 2

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Articles, Personal

Two weeks down, sixteen more to go. 🙂

The most memorable run of the week was Saturday’s 16K long run. I got to camp very late at 5:30am and dreaded having to endure the heat but it turned out to be a cool, cloudy day. I was enjoying the first few kilometers when I noticed a slight drizzle that soon became an all out rain.

At first I tried to shrug it off, continuing to run, but then the rain became so strong. Joggers ran for cover. For a second I considered going back home, then I thought, “If I give in to excuses this early, how will I ever make it through 38K on Week 15? How will I ever make it through 42K on race day?”

I decided to try running on a covered sidewalk. It stretches a mere 300m, so to cover the remaining distance I had to do several loops. Thank goodness the GPS signal worked despite the roofing. It’s funny because other joggers got the same idea, so we were all there running along the crowded narrow sidewalk with pedestrians, going back and forth, back and forth for what seemed like eternity.

By the time I ran 12K, the rain had subsided so I went back to the track to drink some water. My jacket was gone! Stolen! My towel and other stuff were strewn a few meters where I left them, exposed to the rain. Gah! This is the first time I ever had anything stolen inside the camp. I have to be more careful next time.

Four kilometers to go and I kept at it, even if I felt awkward being the lone remaining runner by this point. I entertained myself by listening to the military meeting going on at the grandstand. They were discussing the recent PulseAsia survey in which the AFP was deemed the most corrupt government agency, no doubt due to the senate hearings. A few officers gave their thoughts on the matter and tried to boost the soldiers’ morale. Hmmm… so they care about these things. Good.

After 16K, I eagerly pressed STOP on my Sports Tracker. The sun was shining and late joggers/dog walkers began showing up. I finished with a 7:04 pace due to long “rain breaks”, but that’s OK. That was my first experience running in the rain, and it wasn’t so bad. As Galadriel would say, “I passed the test.”


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