Quitting is NOT an Option

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Random

The Ironman Triathlon: 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bike and 42.195 km marathon, without any breaks. I don’t know why the Youtube poster found this funny, but I thought it was inspiring to see these women’s determination to finish.

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t know why the video was funny either. Tapos guess what. I am following Aiza Seguerra’s tweets (!) Just checked out your running schedules and was thinking that maybe I can a short break during one of your runs. The Bataan Death March in 2013, or maybe the one nearer in schedule – the CamSur in September. You think I can already buy a really cheap plane ticket for that one? I’ve never been to Camarines Sur.

  2. scout says:

    It would be awesome if you can join me in the Death March. Every participant is required to have a support group that will follow him/her along the course in a car, to give water, food, first aid, etc. Now if I could just persuade a car-owning friend…

    Don’t buy a ticket for Camsur yet. Registration hasn’t started so that’s not set in stone. I still have to plan a training schedule around the event and save up for expenses. Sigh… so many expenses.

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