Training for My First Marathon, Week 3

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Personal

Three weeks down, fifteen more to go. I’ve completed 16.6% of the runs totaling 120 kilometers, which means 880 kilometers na lang. Woot!

I’m settling down to a groove. My body is adapting to the training schedule well and I’m learning when to push and when not to abuse myself. This is how last week went:

Monday. A rest day so I did some upper body exercises using my 4lb dumbbells and plenty of repetitions. My arms are starting to get toned, with some curves, which I’m still getting used to (I think it’s funny). It should help me fight fatigue with my arm swings. I’ve also added more abs and glutes exercises. These areas are much tougher.

Tuesday. This was supposed to be ran at an easy pace, but oh well. I must’ve gotten a little too excited and went out there for a new 8K personal record of 0:50:38, 6:19 pace. Great for self-esteem, bad for burning myself out.

Wednesday. I slept late the previous night and when I woke up I felt like I was going to get sick. Being tired from too much exertion on Tuesday, I opted to rest, which is my first deviation from the schedule.

Thursday. Did the 11K semi-long run this day instead. I conserved my energies and finished at 1:11:30, 6:30 pace. I was able to explore the camp, deviating from my normal routes.

Friday. It was 8K of hills, hills, and more hills. My time was 0:53:47, 6:41 pace. Went exploring again and generally paid little attention to my speed and focused on having fun.

Saturday. Converted it to a rest day, which doesn’t really mean much since I did the upper body exercises again. Getting stronger, though. I can feel it.

Sunday. You’d think I’d learn my lesson from last week, but nooo. Scout had to get up late (5am is late) for the 14K long run and as a consequence, didn’t have time to eat breakfast or prepare energy gels. After 4K, I felt my tummy grumbling and I had to go back home for a bit. When I came back, the sun was getting higher and the camp was getting hotter. It was harsh going into the last few kilometers. I had to retreat to shaded areas, running along just one side of the rectangular track. I was so spent that I walked the entire 12th kilometer, but I was able to will myself back into running for the last two. It was so exhausting.

That was a stern reminder that just because I’ve done a couple of half marathons, it doesn’t follow that lesser distances are going to be easy-peasy. Respect the distance and it will respect you.


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