Training for My First Marathon, Week 5

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Personal


Weeks Completed: 5/18 (27.8%)
Kilometers Ran: 214/1000 (21.4%)
Missed/Unfinished Runs: Zero


For my weekday base runs, I did 8K/12K/8K from Tuesday to Thursday, mostly on the track but I mixed in some hills and speed training, too. I was supposed to do my long run on Saturday, which this week is up to 21K. It’s amazing that the half marathon distance, which I used to fear, is now just part of my regular training runs.

However, I stayed up late Friday night to finish some work and I felt weak when I woke up before dawn. I saw that it was raining outside my window, so I told myself, “OK, you have an excuse. Now go back to sleep.” When I woke up for real it was already past 7am, still cloudy, but I didn’t feel like running anymore.

So the 21K was moved to Sunday, and I ran it this morning. I still woke up late at 5am and got to the track before 6am. The first few kilometers, I felt great. When the sun’s full fury began burning us up, I just had to slow down. I think if I ran an hour earlier, I would get a new PR for sure, but that wasn’t the case today. It’s still my 3rd fastest half marathon, though, so I won’t beat myself up over it.

Next week will be a “step back week” where I lower my long run to 17K for recovery, and then the week after that, I’ll be running my first 24K. It’s all unchartered territory from there until the full marathon. Let’s hope my legs can take it without any injuries.

The full training sked is available here.


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