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Resizing the Milo Singlet

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Personal, Random

I’m small. Puny. Liliputian. That’s a big problem when it comes to race singlets because the “Extra Small” can look “Extra Large” on me. Take, for example, the Milo singlet. It is allegedly sized “Asian Women – Small” but it makes me seem like I’m wearing my mom’s daster.

I took a picture of my usual blue running top vis a vis the green singlet in question. I thought about taking it to my dressmaker aunt to adjust the fit, then I had the crazy idea of doing it myself (it was a lazy afternoon). You can see at the bottom left corner that I already started snipping away at the excess cloth. No turning back now!

Since I’ve never done this, I don’t really have the proper tools. I used the kitchen scissors, for instance. I was lucky that we have 2 needles lying around, though the only threads available were dark and light brown. Never mind, they’ll do. Now if can just remember my grade school sewing lessons…

I’m done patching the seams on both sides though I haven’t started stitching up the bottom. This makes the singlet appear “grungy”. Even so, I tried it on for one of my runs and I’m happy to report that the fit is just right. My only complaint is that the fabric tends to run up while I’m running, exposing my abs every now and then. If I were Hope Solo, maybe I wouldn’t mind. Alas, my abs are not fit for public viewing.

The military guys I was jogging with kept taunting me about the “Kaya mo ‘yan!” print at the back of the singlet. One of them went alongside me and did exaggerated running movements in a mocking way. I guess he thought it was funny. Then he sped off as if to say, “This is how real men run. Me strong. You weak.” (cue chest pounding) Hmp. I kept to my pace and didn’t try to catch up. Before the lap was over, he started to slow down. I passed him and he couldn’t keep up. From the back, I heard him say, “Ang lakas pala tumakbo nung batang ‘yon…”

Some guys just suck at underestimating little girls, don’t they?


Weeks 13 & 14 were devoted exclusively to stretching and strengthening exercises specific to the injury. They worked! I’m so happy that I was able to get better just by doing online research. Imagine, before the Internet, information was scarce and I would’ve had to spend a lot attending therapy sessions. I so love the Web. ^_^

By Week 15, I started brisk walking to get myself back on the road. The next time, I began running. Just a cautious 5K at first. I tried it on the grass to minimize the impact and to my delight, it was all good. Then I tried running on the asphalt road – OK! There was some tightness around my knee but I didn’t feel any excruciating pain. On the following run, I did 10K with plenty of walking in between.

The progress made me seriously think that maybe, just maybe, I can really join Milo and finish it. The messed up training sked means I might struggle to complete the 42K within the 6-hr cut-off but it is not in the realm of possibility. There’s only one way to find out: test my endurance.

Since I have two weeks left until the big day, this morning was my last chance to get in a long run before the required taper off period. I resolved to run/walk for 5 hours straight in a 3:2 pattern. This is roughly equivalent to the 32K “wall” and no marathon training is complete without going at least that far. So I did. Incredibly, I was able to endure it without any problem and the fine overcast sky helped my cause. However, at around 4hrs 30mins, the knee acted up again. I thought it best to stretch it and walk the rest of the way. Speed was not as important as the time I am able to be on my feet (or so the veterans say).

I am tired but happy. I was expecting myself to wilt but I actually have plenty of energy left. Will I be able to finish 42K in 6hrs? I don’t know, but it should be doable if the following happens:

1. The weather is good. This means no sun until 10am, a good breeze, and maybe even a drizzle or two.

2. Good training for the next 2 weeks. A nice, strong 21K (<3hrs) next weekend and at least 3 solid 10Ks on weekdays.

3. Keep the injury under control. Self-therapy must go on. I need more strength on my hip and glutes. Maybe I'll get that IT band support after all.

4. Hydration, nutrition, and my GI track must all be perfect on race day. The first two are manageable but the last is unpredictable. Even top runners have been known to… have their weak moments. I guess I'll just have to prepare as best as I can. Good luck to me!

Need motivation? Watch these athletes train and get yourself pumped up and ready to roooar.

Another, um, motivational video (look at those abs!). The product of my search for Hope Solo’s workout pictures. Shot by the one and only Annie Leibovitz for Nike. Mmmm… sometimes it’s good to be alive. Enjoy!