The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2012 – Making the cut is a race in itself

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Events, Personal

Now that I think about it, Jaymie Pizarro’s TBR Dream Marathon is probably the most sought-after running event in the country, at least for newbies (for veterans, Milo reigns supreme). Only runners who are shooting for their first or second full marathon are eligible, and everyone is jostling to get into the few available slots. It’s truly an online pandemonium whenever the reservation is opened.

Why not? The 42K is a grueling event and you need all the support you can get. This race delivers it. Once your slot is confirmed and paid for, you’ll have access to designated coaches and nutritionists. You’ll get to attend seminars on various aspects of the marathon. Once a month, there will be group runs to monitor your progress and promote camaraderie among participants. On race day itself, gun start is at 2am to avoid the midday heat down the stretch. It is always held at Nuvali where there’s clean air and plenty of greenery for pleasant views.

Last year, I learned about this event a little late so I didn’t get in. Since the seminars are open to the public, I attended the first one at ROX, but I didn’t know anyone at the time and I felt out of place. This time, I’m better prepared. And so, when I saw this banner being tossed around last Monday on Facebook, I looked for the reservation link like The Flash! Thanks to Goldy and The Running Host for their help!

Apparently, all the slots were taken within a few hours. Jaymie already posted the list of reserved runners and hey, I got in!!! I’m really happy about that, but more so for my running friends who will make their 42K debut. It hope we can all finish the Dream Marathon without injuries. I’m already crafting my training plan. Yup, I’m definitely excited! 😉


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