Nike We Run Manila 2011 Race Kit

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Events, Personal

Guess who won another free race kit? ^__^ This time it’s care of The Bull Runner in another race to the comment box. I thought I was fast but I ended up #10. Fortunately, she handed out a whopping 19 kits, each worth a thousand pesos. The road races are really getting expensive nowadays, aren’t they? Thanks to Jaymie, I can run for free for my birthday! Yay!

This should be another petiks run because of pain under my left patella. Yeah, a new potential injury right after all my other injuries have healed. *sigh* I guess no more speedwork or hills training for now. This needs to go away ASAP so I can properly prepare for the TBR Dream Marathon.

My other runs for October will probably be the St. Peter Life Run on Oct23 for my dad’s 5K (very cheap P200 reg fee + Halloween costumes) and the Rainbow Run on Oct29 in support of the gay community (in which I’m sure the runners will be in bongga outfits!). I hope some friends come. It’ll be fun. 😀


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