TBR Dream Marathon 2012 Race Kit and Training Schedule

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Events

That’s the race kit when I registered at ROX and down below is Coach Lafferty’s training plan for us. I’m posting it here for the benefit of those who didn’t get in but want to follow along and future Dreamers who want to have an idea of how things will go. It’s a very conservative plan which places emphasis on gradual build-up to reduce the risk of injuries. I am likely going to stick to it with minor exceptions. Sorry it ain’t that sharp. Cameraphone blues.

Come join us for the Bull Sessions and Bull Circles since they’re open to the public. Bull Sessions are long group runs which is like free weekend fun runs, perfect for those who want to jog around Fort Bonifacio with company but without spending a dime. Meanwhile, Bull Circles are running clinics where coaches talk about techniques, nutrition, and other topics on running. These are typically held at ROX on Wednesday nights. For the updated schedules and announcements, please visit Jaymie’s blog at The Bull Runner. See ‘ya!


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