Perspiration Turned Inspiration

Posted: October 31, 2011 in People, Random just created a special page for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and it has an awesome infographic, part of which I’m showing here. A big “YAY!” for this girl. So inspiring. Click on the image for more.

  1. Hi Scout! I’m Lorra from 🙂

    Just saw this when we checked the analytics for the website. You’re right. Jaymie is really amazing and we’re really happy that she is sharing her running story with us.

    P.S. We love your blog name!

    • scout says:

      Thanks, Lorra. I think I’m the smallest of all the TBR Dreamers kaya bagay talaga sa ‘kin ang Runt Runner. Hey, why not join the next batch? Or maybe you’re already a veteran marathon runner? 😉

      • You might have a height twin if I join you! I’m also small, but maybe not as slim as you. Honestly, I was not into running and until now, I am still slowly easing my way into it but I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why I decided to join the MoveforMove100 team. The community, the passion and the inspiration just naturally drew me in. 🙂

        I have a few body limitations that I’m trying to fix now so I’m focusing on jogging and the occasional treadmill run. Also making sure I eat healthier these days. I’m already 75% into convincing myself to join the next batch! Haha have to keep motivating myself.

      • scout says:

        How about this for motivation?

        “Distance running is different. Tall people naturally have longer strides, but stride length, it turns out, does not determine speed. Running requires that you lift your body off the ground with each step, propelling yourself forward. The more you weigh, the harder you have to work to lift your body and the slower you will be.

        The best runners are small and light, with slim legs. “If you have large legs, you have to move a big load,” Dr. Secher said. “The smaller you are, the better you are.”

        The New York Times

        Kahit maliit tayo, malaki ang pag-asa natin dito. 😉 Good luck on fixing those limitations. I have a few of my own and I’ve been enjoying pushing them a little further every day. 😉

  2. Can’t seem to reply directly to the thread we have but thank you so much for sharing that piece of information. It’s true, I actually feel that I can be faster because I’m small. I guess it’s also getting used to how I kept having to pick up my pace to catch up with taller people haha!

    TBR Events are coming up next week. Hope to see you there! 🙂

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