TBR Dream Marathon 2012, Bull Session 2

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Events, Personal

Coach Lit Onrubia talking about the proper way to do long runs, photo from Jaymie Pizarro

I was a bit late this Saturday morning, getting there in the middle of Coach Lit’s reminders about how we should spend our weekend runs. Here are some of the things he said:

  • The 75-25 Rule. Run the first 75% of the intended time/distance at a conservative pace. If you’re still feeling strong after that, feel free to pick up the tempo for the last 25%.
  • Run slower than marathon pace. If you have a projected time for finishing the 42K, compute for the corresponding pace and do the long runs at a pace that’s slower by a minute or so.
  • Relax and enjoy. There should be no pressure to get a PR every week. The most important thing is to finish strong, injury-free, and still smiling. There will be a time for hard runs.
  • Walk early, walk often. Rather than running all the way at the beginning and resorting to walk breaks in the latter half, the other way around is preferred. Walking early is equivalent to depositing energy for the crucial stages.
  • Rest and recover. Don’t run the day before to rest and have fresh legs. Don’t run the day after to give your body enough time to recover. However, it’s possible to cross-train as long as you don’t tire out your legs (swimming, cycling, walking, etc).

Apparently, he also showed some books for marathon beginners. I saw the covers later and recognized the authors: Hal Hidgon, Jeff Galloway, and John Bingham. Fortunately, I’m already familiar with their methods and philosophies. The curious can look up their articles on running which are posted all over the Internet or click on their names to go to their websites.

Pace groups and their designated times, photo by Joyce Negapatan

Next, we were divided into four pace groups, each led by a part of the coaching staff and Dream Chasers. I wanted soooo bad to go to Group 1 led by Reylynne but I couldn’t risk my still-recovering injury. Prudence prevailed, albeit with a heavy heart. *sniff* 😥

TBR DM Batch 3 running strong, photo from Jaymie Pizarro

Joyce and I joined Group 4 instead, led by Jaymie herself. This was the “chika pace” or tortoise group consisting of uber-newbies, injured runners, and those taking it easy because they had a race the next day. We went for a very relaxed run while talking about so many things. Before we knew it, we were back at Boni High Street and the training run was over. The GPS tracked approximately 7K in under an 1hr (our training plan called for a 55min run that weekend). My knees didn’t hurt at all even after tackling hills and it was a great relief. Patience paid off.

Joyce, Gabe, Allan, and myself after the session

I got pulled into this picture somehow and right after the shot, Gabe went into director mode and asked us for an interview. Being sneaky-small helped me here as I quickly maneuvered my way to a safe distance. Joyce and Allan were put on the spot and I can’t wait to see their video on Moveformove.org. 😀

  1. xhrenz says:

    I wasn’t able to attend the bull session 2. I really really feel bad about it. It looks like I’ll be joining the 4th group. I’m a slow runner and I couldn’t sustain a run pace faster than 7:00/km.

    • scout says:

      Hi Renz. We’ve got 3 more Bull Sessions to go so join us next time. 😉 It doesn’t really matter which group we choose as there’s no competitive atmosphere at all. Everyone’s friendly and helpful so just run at a comfortable pace. Coach Lit encourages us to take it easy on long runs anyway. See you at TBR events! 😉

  2. Lorra says:

    Hi Scout! It’s me again, Lorra from MoveforMove.org. I just found this shoutout you made about MFM and it got us really excited. We didn’t mean to put your friends on the spot and we’re very sorry but we can’t seem to find their footage in our files BUT we can interview them again if they’re still willing to be “put on the spot” during the next TBR events on the 14th and 18th.

    Maybe you would like to join them this 2nd time? 🙂

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