QCIM: Batang Kyusi Runs on Home Turf

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Events, Personal

The Quezon Monument at the heart of the city, photo by Secretkeeper101084

I was not supposed to run the Quezon City International Marathon. My careful recovery mileage progression called for 13K that weekend so I planned to merely support my running buddies. Then, race kits suddenly fell out of the sky. At least that was what it seemed like when several blogs offered hundreds of free kits combined a few days before the race. When the winners were announced, I found out that I was able to get three: one for myself (21K), another for my dad (5K), and lastly, one for my brother (10K). When it rains, it pours.

Test Run Blues and Temptations

Up until the eve of the race, I wasn’t sure if I was actually going to run or just keep the event shirt as souvenir. I tried to test my knees the other day and they felt so sore I had to stop at 2.5K. When I can’t even round out my kilometers, you know it’s bad. However, at the last minute, a blogger posted a pic of the medals. Now some girls may like diamonds, fancy bags, or shiny iGadgets, but I’m not into that right now. Medals? Now those I could be proud of. Someday when I’m older, my grandchildren will say, “Wow, Lola kicked ass!” Or something cool like that. I’m sure they’ll have a different term by then. Anyway, one look and I knew I had to get these. So help me Universe.

I could not resist these. 21K on the left, 42K on the right. Photo by Jazzrunner.

The Race Itself

This is it. I did all the stretches I could think of, fastened my knee strap, and got my homemade energy gel ready. At 4:30am, Joyce and I anxiously went to the starting line. We agreed to go easy as this is merely her preparation for the following week’s Milo Marathon finals and I’m not even sure I could finish with my knees. For this run, we’ll be happy with a time of 3hrs or even longer. I proposed using a 3:1 interval on an 8min/K pace. I was in-charge of controlling our tempo to make sure we stuck to the plan.

Early into the race, so many little kinks happened. My shoe laces got untied, twice. My knee strap felt too loose, then too tight that it hurt. My other knee began aching so I had to transfer my lone strap. Joyce and I kept bumping into each other because we were running too close that our armbands collided. It look a while before we got all that stuff sorted out and then, happily, everything went well from there.

It was lovely to be able to run around the La Mesa Dam just as the sun was starting to rise. Clear waters on our right, a verdant cliff on our left, and chilly morning breeze blowing our way. Fresh air in the middle of Metro Manila! Who knew? This is the first edition of the QCIM wherein the 21K route passed by the watershed and it was truly a welcome sight. The rest of the highway? Not so much.

Let me explain. Commonwealth Avenue is the widest road in the country which makes it suitable for this type of foot race. Traffic was contained well so we had the eastbound lane all to ourselves. The problem is that notable places are few and far in between (UP Diliman, QC Circle, La Mesa Dam, and the INC Church, if you’re into that sort of thing). Long stretches are occupied by slums and suspicious-looking individuals kept staring at the runners. One middle-aged lady runner even had her camera pouch stolen. It contained P1,000 which was her pamalengke for the day, which she planned to do after her the event. Now here’s the funny thing. The boy who swiped the pouch forgot to consider that we’re freakin’ marathon runners here. The lady chased the thief AND outran him. He must have been huffing and puffing because he threw the pouch to the ground just so the lady would stop chasing him. True story. So while we runners can generally take care of ourselves, more police visibility would be appreciated the next time around.

Joyce was tired but had a boost of energy the instant she saw a camera. Photo by Philippine TeamKaripas.


Despite everything, it was still a pretty good event. We finished strong at a decent time of 2:50:32 which is much better than either of us expected. We didn’t feel as sore as we used to when doing half marathons and recovered very quickly, which is just awesome. My dad also had a great race, placing #300 out of 2000+ 5K participants with a time of 34mins. Not bad for a 62-year old, right? I’m so proud.

At the Pinoy Fitness tent, shielding ourselves from the rain. I love this pic. Chubby cheeks ako dito. ^_^

Still waiting for the rain to stop, the group's getting bigger as more people finish

Donna Cruz ran a fast 2hr 21K. Photo by Lestsky Lim.

Di po ba mainit sa costume nyo, Manong Zorro? Photo by Lestsky Lim.

I heard the guy with a flag is an OFW who just recently returned. Nice touch. Photo by Lestsky Lim.

The icing on my cake! (mmm... cake...)

  1. congrats! by the way, napa-ngiti ako dito -> “Wow, Lola kicked ass!” =)

  2. you’re blogging din pala! hehe! hello! merry christmas! 🙂

    • scout says:

      hello, hello! yup, kailangang i-document para years from now masarap balik-balikan. 😉

      merry christmas at happy new year na rin! good luck po sa HK marathon!

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