Don’t pants your poop!

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Random

I saw this on Kara Goucher and Dean Karnazes’ walls so I thought I’d share. I’m so glad I’m not a guy because nipple chafing just seems nasty. Sino ang nakaka-relate?

I know I’m guilty of:

      • singing (whatever is LSS of the day)
      • reciting poems (Desiderata! Don’t Quit! If!)
      • counting my steps to get a rhythm going
      • worrying about my tummy
      • worrying about my bladder
      • worrying about my period
      • imagining the size of my blisters
      • hoping clouds cover the sun
      • fussing about my knee strap
      • flashing back to totally unrelated memories
      • thinking about the medal
      • thinking ahead to my next races
      • calculating my finish time
      • repeating my mantra to block the pain
      • cursing my knees
      • observing different running forms
      • reflecting about my life
      • enjoying the scenery
      • and, enjoying the scenery

I’m sure I’m forgetting to add a lot of things in this list. How about you? What do YOU think about when you run?

  1. Karen says:

    The context of these ‘thoughts while running’ was, of course, the Seattle roads:

    1. I hope it doesn’t rain.
    2. I can’t feel my hands. Oh god.
    3. I’m warming up. Good.
    4. I hate that rise.
    5. I really hate this rise.
    6. I should check the street map again and see how I can minimize running through hilly parts.
    7. Fiddling with my MP3 player.
    8. Checking my pace every 5 minutes.
    9. Wondering where and what to have for breakfast.
    10. While seeing other runners, thinking, “Runners are crazy people.”
    11. I should take photos of this scenery.
    12. Ooh. Cute runner. (Other runners, not me.)

    Then I usually check out my form when I run past glass windows.

    I have totally different thoughts when I ran through parks. Usually along the lines of: Oh fuck. I think I’m lost. Again.

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