The Condura Skyway Marathon 2012

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Events, Personal

Chona holds her "platito" medal after finishing the 42K

Due to my previous experience with this event and the sky high fees, I wasn’t really keen on joining again. Then, as luck would have it, The Bull Runner held a contest and I won a 10K race kit (thanks, Jaymie!). I went to accompany Joyce who is currently nursing some injuries. Since I am the resident injury veteran in the group, I persuaded her to drop from 21K to 5K so as not to aggravate the situation. The result is a complicated series of bib swaps and our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who made it happen. We’re truly one big happy family.

I also bumped into Mark, my Dutch friend, who is quite easy to spot with his tall and pasty frame. He finished the half at an impressive 1:40 and was very happy with the cold weather that morning. Roxanne made her 21K debut and the rest of the angels got new PRs. Joy even won a 2-night stay at a Cebu hotel for being the first one to bring sunblock on the stage, LOL. I’d say it was a fun day even if I didn’t get much sleep and Alabang is so darn far. Jeff, the mastermind of Pinoy Fitness, made this video of the event. Guess who’s in it near the very end. 😉


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