Runners Talk @Google: Jeff Galloway, Christopher McDougall, and Dean Karnazes

Posted: February 16, 2012 in People

As someone who loves watching TED Talks, it was wonderful to discover that Google posts its own series of talks by authors and other personalities on YouTube. So far I’ve seen three well-known long distance runners on the roster, each with his own philosophy regarding the discipline. I hope you’ll like these as much as I did.

Dean Karnazes

Dean is one of the best endurance athletes in the world. He has won countless races including the grueling 217K Badwater Ultramarathon. If that isn’t impressive enough, he managed to run 560K in 80hrs 44mins without stopping. He’s always pushing the limits of his body and is genuinely happiest when on the road. We may not be as gifted as he is but I’m sure a lot of us can relate to his passion for running.

Christopher McDougall

Author of “Born to Run,” a book about the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico who run barefoot for hundreds of miles as their primary mode of transportation. McDougall almost single-handedly started a trend towards minimalist shoes and even barefoot running among hardcore enthusiasts. Personally, I’m not rushing to join the bandwagon as I believe that developing proper form is more important and, to be candid about it, my city girl feet are no match for the roads without adequate cushioning. Maybe after 10 years of serious marathon running the natural adaptations will allow me to go minimal, but until then I’m sticking with my Pegasus. Hats off to my brave barefooted friends.

Jeff Galloway

Jeff popularized what has since become known as the “Galloway Method” which encourages runners to adopt a run-walk-run style rather than continually running long distances to delay fatigue and avoid injuries. This strategy is highly recommended for beginners but even elite athletes have used it with excellent results. I’m surprised that Jeff is against stretching as I’ve found it to be helpful in managing my injuries. My view is, like everything else, don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine. He also shared that Kenyans run their LSDs 3-4min slower than their marathon pace. If true, that’s something to really think about during training.

These are fairly long videos and if you’ve managed to finish them all, congratulations! You truly have the patience of a marathon runner. 😉 Which runner/author is your favorite? Which things caught your attention the most?

  1. Allan07 says:

    Dean! hands down! 😀

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