The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Countdown Begins

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Events, Personal
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Batch 3 poses for a "class picture" at the send-off party - the most enthusiastic TBR DM batch according to Coach Lit ^_^

We’re just counting down the days before the big 42K. The batch has been training for TBR Dream since October and soon we will be putting ourselves to the test. It’s a relief that I got this far. Many times I’ve contemplated dropping out because of an injury that kept hounding me. Thankfully, I discovered by chance that the pain stops when going up steep uphills. Most runners dread hills but since they seemed to be my only hope, I ran exclusively on them until the knee problem subsided. I was only too happy to get moving again. Two weeks ago, I was able to complete a 30K – our last and farthest scheduled long run prior to tapering. So while my training had a rocky start, I’m confident that I’m in the best shape of my life. We’ll find out for sure on March 18. *deep breath*

My team Rock & Road with host & triathlete Tessa Prieto-Valdes, photo from Joyce

What a journey. The guys from Ripple100 made this video that summarizes the last few months – the running clinics, the inspirational talks, the self-discovery, and the new friends we found along the way. Note that 90% of the batch are first-time marathon runners, the remainder being second-timers. This is what makes this event so special. Jaymie pulled out all the stops to create an unforgettable run for beginners, from Day 1 of training until race day. The support from the organizers, sponsors, and alumni is phenomenal. The spirit is one of camaraderie rather than competition. It’s not about seeing who’s better and there are no prizes for top finishers. What for? In the Dream Marathon, everyone who crosses the finish line is a winner. Lives will change. Now that’s awesome.


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