Meet and Greet: Iker Carrera

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Events

Here’s an extraordinary chance for trail enthusiasts in the Philippines. The highly successful Salomon Racing Team’s Iker Carrera is going to compete in TNF100 Baguio but before that, he’ll be making a stop at ROX for a brief talk. Iker has been tearing up the tracks in Europe and elsewhere for quite some time, though being the newbie that I am, I only learned about him after he placed 2nd in the 2011 UTMB right behind Kilian Jornet. His other notable achievements in trail racing are as follows:

What a treat from Salomon Pilipinas! I hope this event is only the beginning and that they’ll invite other legends like Anna Frost and of course, THE Kilian himself. Maybe TNF Philippines will follow suit and invite their athletes Dean Karnazes, Sebastien Chaigneau, and Lizzy Hawker. Meeting Lizzy would be like winning the lottery, and running with her would even be better. Ah, dreams! Here’s a video of the UTMB finish that features Iker and my other ultra idols:


I’m excited! See you at ROX on Tuesday! 😉


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