Scout’s Quest 2013 (Or What I Plan to Do After the World Ends)

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Personal


Any time now, the sky will darken, volcanoes will erupt, fire will rain upon us, and earthquakes will rock the continents, at least according to the Mayans (or the dubious “experts” that appear on The History Channel). So I thought, what better way to spend the end of world than to map out my adventures for next year? 😉


For running, all I want to do right now are a few trail races. The list may grow longer if there are enticing Timberland or Nuvali races that pop up during the second half of the year. Road races? I may eventually do one or two but it would take a lot of convincing. Although, hmmm… those zombies runs look interesting.

1. Feb10 – Love a Tree Trail Run – Tanay (6K) – 1st Place! Woot!
2. Mar23 – Salomon X-Trail – Hamilo Coast (6K)
3. Apr21 – The North Face 100 – Baguio (11K)
4. Apr28 – Merrell Adventure Run – San Mateo (5K)
5. May26 – Nature’s Trail Leg 1 – Rizal (5K)
6. Sep1 – Nature’s Trail Leg 2 – Rizal (5K)
7. Oct13 – Columbia Eco Trail Run – Mt Pinatubo (5K)
8. Oct20 – Nature’s Trail Leg 3 – Daranak Falls (5K)

(Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2013)

You might have noticed the drastic reduction in distance from marathons to mostly 5K’s. This is part of my effort to reboot and rethink my training for a gradual build-up towards increased speed while avoiding injuries. I have a long, ambitious schedule that spans many years. It demands incredible patience. I can only hope that I pass this self-imposed, jacked-up marshmallow test.

Aside from competing in these races, I’d like to bring down my 5K PR by the end of the year. It would also make me happy if I could slash my Daranak Falls 5K time in half, if possible. I never thought I’d be a gym rat but I realize that indoor sessions will be crucial.



Mountaineering is awesome! I wish I wasn’t so sickly when I was younger so I could’ve started doing this earlier. But better late than never, I suppose. Glad to have teammates who are even more addicted to climbing than I am. I can always ask anyone to join me at a moment’s notice and they continually cook up weekend adventures that I could join if time permits. Budget is almost a non-issue because you can get away with just P400 ($10) or less. About half goes to transportation, a quarter to food, and the rest to hiking fees (typically P20) and other miscellaneous expenses. For Pulag, one needs to travel with a big group to keep costs down. Around P2,400/head is doable.

These are some of the most accessible mountains from Manila which can be climbed with quick dayhikes, plus a few like Pulag, Bakun and Ugo that would require multi-day camping (it’s possible to run through them to finish within a day, but I’m not yet at that “mamaw” level). I would be happy to summit half of these in addition to occasional trips to old favorites like Shotgun, Pico de Loro, and Batulao for fitness checks.

1. Gulugod Baboy, 525+ MASL (Jan12-13, my team’s anniversary climb)
2. Mt. Tapulao, 2037+ MASL (Feb17-18, overnight with The Conquerors)
3. Tarak Ridge, 1130+ MASL (March 10, dayhike/trail run with the boys)
4. Mt. Maculot, 930+ MASL (March, dayhike Rockies-Summit-Grotto Traverse)
5. Mt. Pulag, 2922+ MASL (April 12-14, Akiki-Ambangeg Traverse)
6. Mt. Ugo, 2150+ MASL (May, Kayapa-Itogon Dayhike Traverse)
7. Mt. Pundaquit, 464+ MASL (April, August or October, dayhike to Anawangin Cove)
8. Mt. Arayat, 1030+ MASL (TBA, dayhike)
9. Mt. Cristobal, 1470+ MASL (TBA, Dolores Trail)
10. Bakun Trio (December, 3-day hike)

        • Mt. Tenglawan, 1943+ MASL
        • Mt. Kabunian, 1840+ MASL
        • Mt. Lobo, 2087+ MASL

(Last Updated: Mar. 1, 2013)

Whew, that seems like a lot of adventures for one year. For a relative beginner, anyway. Hardcore runners and climbers will look at these lists and think, “Aww, how cute…” Oh, well. Gotta start somewhere, right?

How about you? Care to share any plans for 2013? 😉


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