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As someone who loves watching TED Talks, it was wonderful to discover that Google posts its own series of talks by authors and other personalities on YouTube. So far I’ve seen three well-known long distance runners on the roster, each with his own philosophy regarding the discipline. I hope you’ll like these as much as I did.

Dean Karnazes

Dean is one of the best endurance athletes in the world. He has won countless races including the grueling 217K Badwater Ultramarathon. If that isn’t impressive enough, he managed to run 560K in 80hrs 44mins without stopping. He’s always pushing the limits of his body and is genuinely happiest when on the road. We may not be as gifted as he is but I’m sure a lot of us can relate to his passion for running.

Christopher McDougall

Author of “Born to Run,” a book about the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico who run barefoot for hundreds of miles as their primary mode of transportation. McDougall almost single-handedly started a trend towards minimalist shoes and even barefoot running among hardcore enthusiasts. Personally, I’m not rushing to join the bandwagon as I believe that developing proper form is more important and, to be candid about it, my city girl feet are no match for the roads without adequate cushioning. Maybe after 10 years of serious marathon running the natural adaptations will allow me to go minimal, but until then I’m sticking with my Pegasus. Hats off to my brave barefooted friends.

Jeff Galloway

Jeff popularized what has since become known as the “Galloway Method” which encourages runners to adopt a run-walk-run style rather than continually running long distances to delay fatigue and avoid injuries. This strategy is highly recommended for beginners but even elite athletes have used it with excellent results. I’m surprised that Jeff is against stretching as I’ve found it to be helpful in managing my injuries. My view is, like everything else, don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine. He also shared that Kenyans run their LSDs 3-4min slower than their marathon pace. If true, that’s something to really think about during training.

These are fairly long videos and if you’ve managed to finish them all, congratulations! You truly have the patience of a marathon runner. 😉 Which runner/author is your favorite? Which things caught your attention the most?


“I like the solitude of running. Long-distance running is a loner’s sport, and I’ve accepted the fact that I enjoy being alone a lot of the time. It keeps me fresh, keeps me — oddly enough — from feeling isolated. I guess a lot of people find it in church, but I turn to the open road for renewal. Running great distances is my way of finding peace.”

– Dean Karnazes

After her historic performance that finally put people on notice, image from

MARCH 2006

“You give me miles and miles of mountains and I’ll ask for the sea.”

Rarely are we ever satisfied with our performances. Even after our best races we might be content for a moment, but it is in our nature to constantly over-analyze and re-evaluate, finding seconds on the course, flaws in our race plans, what ifs… should haves… and could haves. Are we ever satisfied? There is a competitive mentality that keeps us coming back for more, day after day, race after race, and year after year… so at the end of the day only a small select few might actually walk away content. If we will all eventually walk away disappointed, then what is the point? Why do we step out the door each day? If only one person can be the best, are the rest of us essentially failing?

I certainly don’t have the answers, but today I’ll walk out the door with my Burns tied tight and hopes of setting the world on fire firmly engrained in my mind. Odds are I’ll never wear an Olympic medal around my neck, but maybe…just maybe, I will. With that in mind I’ll take off down the road and put in the days work. If we don’t try we’ll never know. At least I can find out how good I can be. I can have an answer at the end of the days, and have a hell of a good time with the process.

Desiree Davila, 2012 US Olympic Marathon Qualifier, Boston Silver Medalist

This is LOVE. This is FAMILY.

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The Inspirations: Jamie and Lynn Parks
Ride along with this couple as they show you what family is really about.
By Gail Kislevitz
Published 12/07/2007

After she was nearly killed in a car crash in 1987, doctors doubted Lynn Mcgovern would walk again. But Mcgovern, whose brain stem had been damaged, endured seven years of rehabilitation to learn how to walk a short distance–namely, down the aisle to marry Jamie Parks in 1994.

Since then, she has continued to defy expectations by completing more than 170 road races, thanks to her devoted husband, who would rather push Lynn in her wheelchair than run alone.

“I am so lucky Jamie has given me this gift,” Lynn says. The 45-year-olds have covered more than 13,000 miles together. Their personal bests, including a 17:35 5-k and a 2:57 marathon, are remarkable, given Jamie’s workload (Lynn and the chair weigh 170 pounds).

Jamie, who met Lynn in 1985, started pushing her in races in 1991. “She faces so many challenges, but never complains,” says Jamie, a mail carrier in Tinley Park, Illinois. “It makes it hard for me to complain about anything.”

At a half-marathon in August, one of the chair’s wheels fell off at mile 12. Jamie pushed Lynn on a single wheel for the final mile, finishing in 1:32:11. “We were mad, but then you move on,” Jamie says. “We don’t take things so seriously as other folks might. Our big picture is much bigger.”



After their recognition in 2007 has RW Heroes, this speedy couple caught the attention of A Step Ahead Prosthetics and Orthotics who offered to design and create a racing chair for Lynn. Aided by the upgraded wheels, the pair competed the 2008 Boston Marathon. Their pre-Beantown preparation and debut was filmed for a documentary featuring Lynn and Jamie called “Marathon Love,” which has won several film festival awards. In 2009 and 2010, the pair has spoken at race expos in the U.S. After celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their first race together in July, the couple has run 222 races and covered nearly 18,000 miles.

(Article from Runner’s World Magazine)

Perspiration Turned Inspiration

Posted: October 31, 2011 in People, Random just created a special page for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and it has an awesome infographic, part of which I’m showing here. A big “YAY!” for this girl. So inspiring. Click on the image for more.

MELINDA Ponce died with her running clothes on.

Hours before she was killed in a gruesome massacre, Melinda was where she was almost every Sunday — in a run.

At 5:30 a.m. yesterday, the Banco de Oro (BDO) employee fired the starting gun during the fun run that opened her bank’s sports fest. She was happy and enjoyed being with co-workers during the run, said BDO E-mall branch accountant and fellow ultra-runner Virgilio Remo Jr.

MELINDA PONCE started running only at 48. Five years and one mild stroke later, she would win successive ultra-marathons. (PHOTO BY JAMES GO)

Having been featured in newspapers after winning ultra-marathons, races that are at least 50 kilometers, Ponce, 53, was an office celebrity and many of her co-workers had their pictures taken with her. Ponce instructed those manning the water stations and cheered on the bank employees who joined the 3K and 5K events.

“She was very happy,” Remo said.

Big shock

Hours later, Remo and members of the local running community would learn that Melinda, three of her children and their helper would be shot dead by her husband, who then killed himself. Melinda and three of the children were all shot in the head. Her husband spared one child, the youngest, whom he asked to leave and call the police before he started killing everyone.

“The news of her tragic death was a big shock to me,” said Don Bosco brother and ultra-runner Carlo Bacalla, “She is really an inspiration to so many runners, an example of hard work, dedication and determination. We in the running community will miss her. It’s sad that she has gone so soon.”

Ponce started running only at 48, a year after undergoing total hysterectomy. She suffered a mild stroke in 2009, which she blamed on her failure to look after her health and pushing herself physically despite the lack of rest.

Ponce ran every morning from her house in Bulacao, Talisay City to the IT Park on her way to work. She was still considering joining the 100-kilometer race from Bogo City to Cebu City in November.

“Dili nato ni undangon, makaayo man ni sa atong lawas (Let’s not stop running because this is good for our health),” Ponce told runners gathered in Ayala Center Cebu last Sept. 30.

Ultra-marathon wins

Ponce won the women’s category in the last two ultra-marathons she joined – the Be Resorts Warrior 53K that started and ended in Mactan Island and the Summit 60K in Talisay City last Oct. 9.

Ponce had qualified for this year’s national finals of the Milo Marathon in her age category after running 21K in 1 hour and 52 minutes. She said running in the national finals was her dream. She also qualified last year but chose not to run so that she could join the first ultra-marathon in Cebu – a 50-kilometer run from Mt. Manunggal to the Capitol.

But while she was looked up to as an inspiration in the local running community, she was battered at home, friends and relatives told Sun.Star Cebu.

Emmanuel would repeatedly beat up Melinda and her children, a neighbor who asked not to be named told Sun.Star Cebu. At one time, Emmanuel held a knife at Melinda.

(This article by Max Limpag was taken from Cebu Running.)


Dear fellow runners,

In honor of fellow ultra-marathoner Melinda Ponce, who passed away with her children, we would like to invite everyone to join forces with our brothers and sisters in Cebu in celebrating her and her children’s life with a solidarity run to be held in Bonifacio Global City right after Adidas KOTR & St. Peter’s Run.

Distance: 5K
Assembly Time: 0800AM Requiem Mass
Assembly Area: St Michael the Archangel Parish
Gun Start: 9:00AM

For more information, please go to the Facebook event page here: Run In Peace, Melinda Ponce (Manila)

Thank you and see you there!